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To be able to hear the sound in its purest form.

The innate ability to hear is a precious gift to human beings. It is the key to connecting with life and communicating well, and it makes us feel safe both physically and mentally. Protecting our hearing and overcoming problems is a great responsibility.
Today, the perfection of a digital system for hearing and hearing protection calls previous solutions into question. A maximally attentive digital system that enables precision manufacturing, bringing the ear together with the purity and comfort of sound. Instead of hand-crafted ear molds, we offer you a technology that enhances and improves sound quality and makes you happy. Taking a decisive step towards digital technology, speed and expertise that is in perfect harmony with the ear brings many benefits.
We at 3D Ear Lab produce high-quality medical earmolds for correctly fitting hearing aids. We share this responsibility together with hearing centers.

Hearing happiness

Imagine how much easier it would be to know that you have an expert laboratory that takes all the burden off your hands and offers you technological solutions and support in an important part of your work…

For this smart decision, you only need to send the ear impressions taken by your specialists at your center to 3D Ear Lab… This digital system makes it possible to scan and record your ear molds with optimum speed and high accuracy. But above all, user satisfaction and smiling faces make us happy. With the digital recording option, there is no need to take your patients’ ear impressions a second time, even when needs or wishes change.

Don’t fall behind the times for a clear and healthy hearing solution. Experience the confidence of being able to produce and deliver the right product to your patient or user as soon as possible.

The types of molds we produce compatible with hearing aids:

3D Ear Lab produces with high technology and healthy materials that are compatible with the device, according to everyone’s needs and ear anatomy. Without an ear mold that is fully compatible and best suited to the hearing problem, hearing aids cannot deliver the expected performance.

All molds are produced according to demand and need; silicone, acrylic material, hardness and color options are available. In addition, bio-compatible materials are environmentally friendly.

This type of mold fits securely in the ear thanks to its large contact area and provides the highest sealing performance. From the outside, it cannot be seen to be in the ear.
Half Concha
It is a type of mold designed with a minimalist approach. It provides a secure grip by sitting on the less part of the ear. The visibility level is very low when viewed from the outside.
Full Concha
It is designed as a safe and compatible mold thanks to its large area in full contact with the ear. Suitable for people with severe hearing problems, young children and babies.
The support ear mold, which is designed in the form of a skeleton, has a structure that uses all holding points. In this way, it has a good heat distribution. It can be easily inserted and removed inside the ear.
You already know the importance of providing unconditional satisfaction to your patient or user who comes to your center. You can contact us for custom and fully compatible digital ear molds from adults to children, according to your needs and wishes. Offering a people-oriented service, 3D Ear Lab establishes long-lasting friendships with its after-sales support.
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