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Passion for excellence

Healthy hearing adds psychological value to life beyond understanding what is being said. As 3D Ear Lab, we set out to offer a benefit for human health.

This sacred purpose has given us a great sense of responsibility. We focused on the question ‘how can we make a more positive difference?’ Our courage to discover new things and our passion to develop the technologies of tomorrow made us even more excited.

We researched the latest information and technologies in the world on hearing protection. In our laboratory, we aimed to produce special products that are faster, tailored to the individual and used safely in the long term. We moved from situations where manual labor was insufficient to the highest technology with 3D scanner, modeling and 3D printer superiority. In this way, we believed in the absolute efficiency of error-free production. With this belief, we invested in the latest technology in hearing protection with quality, expertise and equipment beyond all molds.

We established 3D Ear Lab with our team with more than 14 years of experience and vision in the audiology sector and started a production of a new generation. With the world’s most advanced machinery, expertise, attention to detail and forward-thinking structure, we are proud to start a brand new and fresh era. We aim to have a strong image that comes to mind first when it comes to 3D ear molds in Turkey. We are working to serve abroad in the long term with our solid and determined steps. We are environmentally aware and base our production on environmentally friendly production by minimizing material consumption in production processes. We are confident that our dynamic structure, our passion, our curiosity, our drive to constantly discover new things, our transparency and most importantly our sincerity will always carry us to the top. With our stance that catches the pace of the age and our long-term friends that are our solution partners, we continue to move forward with confidence.


Fast, adaptable and decent technology

3D Ear Lab offers hearing solutions that increase the comfort of life with the awareness of how valuable human health is. We produce with a new generation technology with our dynamic staff following the latest developments in the world, 3D digital machine park and expertise.
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