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Your most trusted colleague

In some professions, headphones are required to focus and work more efficiently. 3D prof mounts fully compatible molds and plugs, which it produces with digital technology and expertise according to everyone’s ear anatomy, to the special systems you use for work. Therefore, a safer and more comfortable work is realized. This solution, which is achieved with quality materials and high technology, provides trouble-free and risk-free hearing and hearing protection. 3D prof always supports you as your most reliable colleague.

Ear molds for referees

The standard radio headset used by referees during the match is fitted with 3D Prof’s custom-made earplugs. Thus, a stress-free match management is provided with a fully compatible protection without the risk of falling out of the ear.

Headset for security guard/bodyguard

3D Prof provides full safety and comfortable work efficiency with its custom-made ear molds.

Ear molds for pilots

3D Prof produces molds suitable for the person’s ear anatomy and mounts the radio system used by pilots to the mold. Thus, a safe and comfortable flight safety is experienced.
3D Prof – 3D Ear Lab