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3D Relax offers a comfortable solution for a quiet environment or a peaceful sleep. Produced with 3D technology and expertise according to everyone’s ear anatomy, the earplugs keep noise at bay. They only transmit the sounds you need to hear. Earplugs, which fit comfortably in the ear, do not fall out and do not create a feeling of pressure, are indispensable for everyone as the most needed personal item.


3D Relax offers customized earplugs for a calm environment and peace of mind, providing a unique sleep comfort.

Home Office

3D Relax produces customized plugs for those who work long hours at home and do not want to be affected by environmental sounds. It is the biggest supporter of confidence, comfort and focus.


3D Relax offers personalized plugs for those traveling on airplanes or in noisy environments. It provides confidence and comfort as the most enjoyable companion of your journey.

3D Relax – 3D Ear Lab