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In order to fully respond to the expectations of your customers and patients and make them smile, perhaps you too need a fresh and quick start.

Now is the right time to take advantage of all the benefits of the world’s most advanced digital technology… Now you have a digitally equipped laboratory with high quality resin and material as well as flawless modeling that is compatible with human health. It’s time to meet 3D Ear Lab, which offers professional and corporate services in line with your needs as part of your structure with its production…

3D Ear Lab produces personalized and fully compatible digital ear molds according to the anatomy of patients, the elderly and children with its large investment in advanced technology. We take full responsibility by offering modern solutions of the digital world with almost zero margin of error.

We contribute to all hearing protection and hearing aid centers with our expertise, speed and knowledge in all stages such as scanning, modeling and digital recording with 3D technology.

When making ear molds by hand, there are sometimes problems such as mismatch of the mold to the ear, feedback and squealing. Since 3D EAR LAB is instantly aware of all the innovations in the world, our application power is reflected in our products and the customers we cooperate with. These smart products, which provide real comfort in the ear, offer a unique opportunity to the user as well as to the hearing aid centers that the user consults.

Hearing and hearing protection are becoming increasingly important in many different fields such as occupational safety, music, motorsports and many more. You can contact us to be informed about what advantages 3D Ear Lab can offer you.

Comfort in the ear mold

We at 3D Ear Lab produce high-quality medical ear molds for correctly fitting hearing aids. We share this responsibility together with hearing centers.

Today, the perfection of a digital system and finishing touches in hearing and hearing protection are making previous solutions questioned again. A digital system with maximum care for precision manufacturing brings the ear back to the purity and comfort of sound. Instead of hand-crafted earmold production, we offer you a technology that increases the efficiency of the hearing aid, improves it and makes you happy. Taking a decisive step towards digital technology, speed and expertise that is in perfect harmony with the ear brings many benefits.
Who Can Use It

Personalized ear molds: for bodyguards


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