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Stay at a Volume that Boosts Productivity!

In workplaces exposed to noise, dangerous levels of noise affect workers both physically and psychologically. In order to overcome noise, which causes many occupational diseases, you, the factory or workplace owners, have a big job to do. It is now in your hands to prioritize the health of your employees, to move forward with more humane values, to create a safe and comfortable work environment, and to increase productivity…

For the first time in Turkey, 3D Ear Lab is producing customized hearing protection earplugs for workplaces. This innovative and human-valuing approach is the most accurate, profitable and efficient option for both the employee and the company.

Unlike the short-term disposable earplugs on the market, 3D Work custom fit earplugs offer more comfortable, safe and healthy solutions that make your employees feel valued and important.

3D Ear Lab brings its audiologist to your workplace to take ear impressions of each employee. This process, which takes about five minutes for everyone, gives your employees a different experience. We also make them feel the importance and value you give to them. After the ear impression stage, digital production starts. By bringing this innovative and value-creating service to your door, it saves time and cost. Moreover, your employees willingly, enjoy and safely use personal plugs designed and manufactured just for them. 3D Work, which can be used for at least one year, also saves you money in the long run with its cost.

The initials of each employee’s name and surname are engraved on the molds. Thus, it creates a sense of belonging as a personal item. They can be made with or without neck string upon request. The earplugs, which do not have the risk of falling out of the ear and have a secure grip, offer a stylish and practical storage opportunity with the protection box made with the employee name and company logo in line with your order.

Listen only to good voices!

3D Work meets the needs of your workplace in the best way with filtered or unfiltered product options. The filtered plugs keep dangerous sounds away and bring good sounds to the ear.

The sound filters provide reliable hearing protection, with a reduction range between 10 and 30 decibels. Not only are they suitable for hearing important warning signals, they also allow for good communication with the environment. In addition to protection from excessive noise, it also ensures that your employee has the right and necessary sound.

Ear Plug with filter


Ear Plug without filter

3D Work offers you many important points to consider when choosing safety plugs.

Weight: The weight of the hearing protector should be chosen appropriately according to the working time of the employee. A product that is heavier than necessary will cause distress as the working time increases, causing the worker to tire faster.

Color: Wearing a different colored plug in each ear allows for easy insertion in the correct ear. It is also important that the earplugs are in a color that is distinct and easy to see from the worker and the workplace.

Material: The materials used in the production of the plugs should be materials that do not harm human health and do not cause allergies.

Washable: Easy cleaning of the earplugs ensures longer and more hygienic use.

Work Safety – 3D Ear Lab