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Fast, adaptable and decent technology

Aware of how valuable human health is, 3D Ear Lab offers hearing solutions that increase the comfort of life. With our dynamic staff following the latest developments in the world, 3D digital product lineup and expertise, we produce with a new generation technology. With the 3D printer, we can produce ear molds for hearing aids as well as all kinds of molds/plugs related to hearing protection. With our fast and high standard production, we make a great contribution to the satisfaction of your customers and patients.
Fast and error-free production with digital scanning
Machines with high scanning speeds achieve 99% accuracy. This means almost zero error. The ear impression data of our customers are stored in our data bank based on their approvals. Reproduction of the mold or any desired change can be applied after informing our center without having to take a scan and sending us an ear impression again. With this fast process, you do not tire your customers to take impressions again, and you do not pay for impression material and delivery.

3D Modelling

State-of-the-art 3D hearing printers quickly produce customized molds with the most suitable material. It combines the optimum speed, high accuracy and appropriate material selection. Every detail is considered with great care, being aware of the quality of the consumables and the choice of resin and chemical raw materials suitable for the individual’s anatomy. With their high quality and performance, 3D Ear Lab ear molds create perfect results for you and your patients.

The two biggest problems during manual production of the ear mold are proper ventilation and the inability to open the tubing channels ideally. These reduce the performance of the hearing aid. Patients, hearing centers or user complaints increase for this reason. 3D Ear Lab uses 3D scanners and 3D software during modeling to open these channels in accordance with the prescription with the optimized possibilities offered by technology.

The washing machines completely remove adhesive resins with fully automatic washing in about 6-8 minutes. They offer excellent and environmentally friendly cleaning and hygiene for 3D printed molds.

Throughout the production process, 360° curing is carried out safely and quickly with certified programs.

The lighting system cures the earmolds homogeneously from all sides with powerful LEDs in combination with heating and a defined atmosphere. The mechanical properties and biocompatibility of the final product are certified by various material suppliers.

To perfect the digitally produced ear mold, fine-tuning is complemented by hand finishing touches.

Experience the difference of flawless and fast production with 3D Ear Lab’s high production technology. You can contact us for more details.
3D Production – 3D Ear Lab