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Freedom to Hear

3D Sport offers ear plugs with or without filters, produced with a digital system in accordance with the individual’s anatomy, for those who adopt an active lifestyle. Instead of ready-made plugs that do not fit in the ear, it offers a customized solution that does not risk falling out of the ear and can be easily inserted and removed. 3D Sport improves sound quality, protects from noise and keeps in touch with the environment.

Motor Sports

Thanks to its safe filters, 3D Sport promises motorsport enthusiasts to be friends with the wind.


3D Sport produces plugs without filter that are fully compatible for sensitive ears of the people who like to swim and spend a lot of time at sea.


3D Sport eliminates the noise stress of the polygon and provides full ear protection thanks to the sound filters in the customized plugs.


3D Sport produces earplugs with personalized filters for hunting enthusiasts.
3D Sport – 3D Ear Lab